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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science   |    Friedrich Schiller University Jena 

International Conference

New perspectives in the theory of function spaces and their applications


September 17-23, 2017, in Będlewo (Poland)

Last Announcement

We have received your registration for the above conference with great pleasure. The conference is co-organised and sponsored by the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, and the Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.

We expect about 90 participants in Będlewo. Now we would like to give you the latest information.

  1. Arrival & Departure
    As already mentioned the most convenient way to reach the Conference Center is via Poznań, either coming by train to Poznań main station (Poznań Główny) or by plane to Poznań airport (Poznań-Ławica, POZ), unless you come by car yourselves. We shall organise some shuttle service to Poznań main railway station and Poznań airport for you, but we need your estimated arrival time. So we ask all participants to inform us about their estimated arrival time in your earliest convenience (if not yet done), but not later than September 8, 2017. Once we have fixed the shuttle times at either place, we shall inform you directly. Also in case that you need no shuttle service for any reason, please inform us in advance, thank you! The taxi and ride-sharing are payed and coordinated by the reception of Będlewo Conference Center, which may be contacted at +48 618 135 187 or +48 61 669 83 11 if needed.


    • at the railway station: The taxi driver will be waiting near the ticket office (kasa) no 1. The taxi driver will display a banner saying “Bedlewo”.
    • at Airport Poznań-Ławica: The taxi driver will be waiting near the exit from the arrivals hall, next to Currency Exchange Express and Information desk. The taxi driver will display a banner saying “Bedlewo”.

    In case that (in view of the number of arriving people at the same time) a bus (coach) is sent to the railway station, the meeting place is slightly different. But we shall inform those of you who are concerned separately and in advance, please check your email regularly for further details or contact us if you have some questions. Otherwise you may follow the suggestions of the Conference Center.

    For those of you coming by car, the address is ‘Parkowa 1, 62-061 Będlewo ’, but the white walls of the (former) palace are easy to find once you are in Będlewo. Please note that there is some toll to be paid for the highways, usually this can be done in cash (PLN, EUR, USD) or by credit card (Visa, Master Card). In case of some trouble (delay, missed connections . . . ) you can contact us via the following phone numbers:

    Conference Center+48 618 135 187,  +48 616 698 311
    Mobile Phone (organisers)+49 176 64155665,   +49 176 61666880,   +49 151 53908206,   +48 512 797 587

    Though you have paid the accommodation (including all meals) and shuttle service in advance, some of you may find it convenient to have some small pocket money available (for instance, there is a small pub in the basement of the Conference Centre). In that case we recommend that you change some money to PLN already at the airport, at Poznań main station, or when you have crossed the border by car. It might be easier than in Będlewo.

    On Sunday evening (September 17, 2017) we start with a joint dinner (available between 19:00 and late, according to your expected arrival times). As every (following) day it will be prepared in buffet form. If you come very late or do not want to take part in it, please inform us in advance, that we can smoothly arrange everything.

  2. Conference Schedule
    The lectures start on Monday, September 18, 2017, at 9:00, and will end on Friday, September 22, 2017, at 18:00. Saturday (September 23, 2017) is the official day of departure. The scientific programme is available via http://npfsa2017.uni-jena.de/npfsa-prog.pdf.

    Nevertheless we shall send a separate email to all of you having a talk on the first day. The lecture rooms will be equipped with overhead projector, data projector + laptop, and a small board. There will also be an opportunity for ad hoc -seminars. For those of you, using the data projector, talks should be prepared in a pdf file preferably. To avoid last minute problems, you may send us the pdf file of your talk before September 8, 2017.

    Wednesday afternoon is reserved for the excursion to Rogalin Palace. The expenses are already covered by your conference fee. Alternatively you may go toPoznań on your own costs and the reception of the Conference Center is prepared to organise a taxi for you in that case. Please inform us at your registration (after arrival) whether or not you want to take part in the excursion.

    We shall have the conference dinner on Wednesday evening.

  3. Registration
    The conference office will be open on Sunday afternoon from 17:00 until late, and on Monday morning starting at 8:00. You will get the conference material and also acknowledgements of receipt there. Note that the editorial deadline for our abstract booklet is September 8, 2017. So any changes of the titles/abstracts of your talks cannot be updated in the booklet afterwards. Please, check as well whether we collected the correct affiliation(s) of you, they will appear in the same way as on our web page http://npfsa2017.uni-jena.de/npfsa-p.html.

    Moreover, we plan to include your email address in the participant’s list in the abstract booklet. If you mind us doing so or want to display another one than the one we use for our correspondence with you, please inform us immediately.

    The Conference Center has free wifi access, you will get further details at the reception of the Conference Center after arrival.

  4. Lecture Notes
    We plan to offer all speakers of this conference the possibility to send us their material, slides etc. afterwards (preferably in pdf). Alternatively also a (closely linked) paper would be welcome.

    We collect all this material (or links to your personal web pages) and “publish” it on a special web page of this conference such that participants can download the files.

    You may contact us if you have any question.

  5. Summary of the deadlines
    September 8, 2017information about expected arrival (and departure) time
    September 8, 2017 email with the pdf file of your talk (if you want)
    September 8, 2017editorial deadline for the abstract booklet
  6. Latest news
    You may visit our conference web-site regularly to find out the latest news.


We are looking forward to meeting you in Będlewo soon!


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